Marvel’s Iron Man VR has been given a new release date for July

Marvel’s Iron Man VR has been subject to a few delays since it was announced. First, the PSVR exclusive title was scheduled to be released on February 28th. It was then delayed to May 15th as at the time developer Camouflaj confirmed it needed more time to fulfill its vision and meet the expectations of those waiting for Marvel’s Iron Man VR. Things appeared to be on track with a new story trailer getting released in late January. However, COVID-19 struck and put all the best laid plans into disarray which meant Sony had to delay Marvel’s Iron Man VR indefinitely.

Today, Sony confirmed a new release date for Marvel’s Iron Man VR and players will be able to don the suit on July 3rd.


Developer Camouflaj released its own statement in which the company said:

Thank you to our amazing, supportive fans for sticking with us. We appreciate your patience, and we can’t wait for you to fully experience Marvel’s Iron Man VR when you #SuitUp on July 3, 2020!

Iron Man’s main adversary in this game appears to be Ghost who appears to be avenging people who were killed in a major disaster. Of course, when it comes to Marvel stories not everything is as it seems so there will likely be some twists in the plot. In gameplay players will have access to the suit’s powers including flight and its weapon systems to deal with all incoming threats as well as save people in danger.

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