What We Played #450 – Deep Rock Galactic, Monster Hunter World & Final Fantasy

That’s another week in the books, and I’m once more left scratching my head wondering how it’s all gone by so quickly for me. Not that I’ll complain too hard; weekends are always nice!

This week, I didn’t play Crusader Kings III or F1 2020, but I sure did get to tell you all about them. These were the two games I couldn’t say much about last week, and both have some great new ideas in them, from the custom My Team career mode in F1 2020 to the increased accessibility and role playing of Crusader Kings.

Beside that, I teamed up with others on the site to review Deep Rock Galactic, continued on with some Halo Reach, and flogged turnips for millions in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Aran went back to the 90s with the Build engine shooter Ion Fury. “It’s a decent FPS using the Build engine to give it that proper old school feel, but there’s moments where it drags and there was a very big bug that made the game crash in one boss fight.”

Nic has found himself consumed by Monster Hunter World, having picked up the “Frostborne” DLC, which has clearly made a big impression on him. That’s been joined by some ambitious but buggy The Walking Dead on PSVR.

Jim also loves a bit of “Snowborne”, and has been playing it with Dom and Nic, though he did try to solo some of the later missions… which didn’t go too well. He was also on the mining crew for Deep Rock Galactic, which is “easily one of my favourite games of 2020” even if it’s not that flashy, and dabbled with KartRider Rush+ on mobile.

It’s been a bunch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for Tom, who’s also been reviewing Shred 2 ft. Sam Pilgrim, while Reuben and Miguel have both been playing Final Fantasy VII Remake. Reuben complimented that with Dragon Quest XI and Final Fantasy XIV for a JRPG heavy week, while Miguel’s been more varied with GTA Online heists, Ape Escape on PS1, Apex Legends, and the awful Touhou Mechanical Scrollery.

Tuffcub has continued to enjoy playing classic shoot ’em ups on the the PC Grafx Mini Engine Super Core Deluxe “or whathever the f- it’s called”. That’s meant lots of R-Type and Gradius and a bit of Parasol Stars. He also tried the empty feeling Darksiders Genesis, where he’s been struggling to get his head around the map.

Steve reviewed the (mostly) amazing two-man project Someday, You’ll Return, some more Gears of War stuff, and battled with emulating Demon’s Souls on his ageing PC. That PC was plenty good enough for some Deep Rock Galactic, though!

Finally, Dom was the last component in our Monster Hunter World and Deep Rock Galactic parties, while also putting in a little time with The Wonderful 101 on PS4, and Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on Switch.

Now, what have you played this week?

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  1. Got the Platinum on Predator Hunting Grounds ^^
    Hoping to complete Duke Nukem Forever tonight and get the platinum over the weekends.
    Still waiting on DiRT 2.0 Rally community event for that last pesky trophy grrr……
    And lastly daily Fifa 20 of FuT matches.

  2. Various things from PS+/Now this week.

    Started to enjoy The Evil Within 2 a bit more now. And still having fun with Dirt Rally 2.0, even though I’m constantly breaking headlights for some reason. And 2/3 of the way through Uncharted 3.

    And then, for some reason, lots of RDR2. While the main game is enough to earn it game of the generation, the online was a bit lacking to start with. And now I’m back into it, it’s much more fun. Even if the changes they made to stop people just going mad shooting everyone seem to mean you don’t get randomly attacked enough.

  3. I decided it was time to play Prey’s Transtar VR dlc. It was included with the Mooncrash dlc i purchased – or so i thought. After being unable to find it in the menus, even after restarting my PS4 and PSVR i tried searching online but only after a few different search terms did i happen on the fact that the VR was another, seperate download. So i grabbed that, noticing that it was Move Compatible – but when i started it with my PSVR on and DS4 in my hand i discovered that it was Move-Only.
    I don’t find it as intuitive using buttons to turn, don’t like the layout and size of the Move face buttons and it’s not as if the Moves really offer any advantage in this game anyway. Picking up items could just as easily be done with DS4. The control layout for the morgan Yu scene i played said ‘X’ (+Trigger) to pick up (+remotely) items but it was actually ‘O’ to do so.
    Aside from those complaints though i jumped into the museum and one scene and was impressed with how it looks. The environments and objects look really good and i was enamoured enough to grudgingly tolerate the Move limitations. I also enjoyed the puzzle gameplay but as it took so long to get going i had quit before completing the scene, though i won’t mind replaying it.

    Apart from that, lockdown has had the effect on me that i am now increasingly obsessively trying to take photos of birds without being detected.
    I mean, look at the upskirt on this leggy bird.. https://imgur.com/82Y4gXM


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