Minecraft tops 200 million sales and Mojang goes through a slight rebrand

Minecraft is an absolute juggernaut of a game and is the best selling title of all time. The record that is being set by Mojang’s title has just got bigger as the studio revealed Minecraft has hit over 200 million copies sold, and it has 126 million monthly players. Additionally, since launch the Minecraft; Education Collection has seen over 50 million pieces of content downloaded from it. On top of this news Mojang announced it was Mojang no more, and has gone through a rebrand. It is not a huge rebrand as the new name is now Mojang Studios and it has a new logo. Everything is explained in the video below.

Helen Chiang, Studio Head of Mojang Studios, said:

“In celebration of Minecraft’s birthday on May 17, we unveiled an updated logo, visual identity, and refreshed name – Mojang Studios – which unifies our dual studios in Redmond and Stockholm, as well as our team members working in other regions around the world. It’s an important move that brings our teams even closer together across geographies. 

Though 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year, we’re proud that Minecraft continues to inspire and connect an ever-growing global community of passionate players and creators. None of this would have been possible without the support of our amazing community. Thank you!”

The Minecraft journey is far from over. On May 26th, Minecraft Dungeons will be released and will be part of Xbox Game Pass. The game is a dungeon crawling spin-off. The story of Minecraft Dungeons is about a quest to save villagers and face off against the evil Arch-Illager, but we all know that it’s really going to be about customising your character build using unique items and weapon enchantments to enhance your style of play, whether you prefer to play ranged or wade in as a tank. You’ll be able to replay levels in order to grind for better and better loot.

Source: Xbox.com

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