Rainbow Six Siege mobile clone Area F2 shut down

Sadly, when it comes to emulating popular video games, some developers overstep the mark. This is exactly what has happened with Chinese developer Ejoy and their recently multiplayer game, Area F2.


The tactical shooter was promptly shut down after Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against both Apple and Google for their failure to stop Area F2 being accessible via Android and iOS despite being a clear Rainbow Six Siege rip off.

From the core premise and various gameplay elements to its lineup of characters and even UI/menu design, Ejoy were surprisingly bold in their attempts to latch onto Siege’s rampant success. Creating a similar game for the mobile market would be allowed under copyright laws though it can be argued that Area F2 attempted to clone Siege outright, potentially misleading players.

Having launched last month, the game had started to build a community and Ejoy were taking payments via in-app purchases. In a post on the Area F2 official Discord, the studio announced that the game will return after undergoing some changes. In the meantime, those who paid into Area F2 will be entitled to a refund.

The full statement reads:

Dear Agents,

Thank you for your support of Area F2. We are carrying out improvements to Area F2 in order to deliver a better experience to players. Thus, we will terminate the service of the current version at 12:00 PM on 20 May 2020 (GMT+0).

We are thrilled at the number of downloads that Area F2 has received since its launch, making it into the top 3 of App Store free-to-play game rankings in some regions. Many players have joined our community and provided valued feedback.

In addition, many streamers, reviewers and players have created streams and videos of the game, with more than 300 game videos uploaded to date. We are pleased about this, but we are also aware of our responsibility to provide the best user experience to our players.

The mission of Area F2 is to allow players to experience the fun of Close-Quarters Battle (AKA CQB) on mobile devices. While we have had a lot of positive feedback, we also found that a lot of players gave up quickly before they were able to experience the core CQB gameplay. The steep learning curve resulted in many players abandoning the game in less than 30 minutes, and the reasons given include not knowing what to do, not knowing where the targets or their teammates are, and dying without seeing the enemy or knowing what killed them.

As game developers, we are not willing to accept an experience that we cannot deliver smoothly to as many players as we can. It is our responsibility to solve this issue, and extensive discussion has shown that this is an issue that requires large-scale, in-depth adjustments, perhaps even a complete overhaul of the design to achieve the mission of bringing CQB to as many players as we can on mobile devices. We have therefore made the difficult decision of terminating the operation of Area F2 in its current form to focus on making further improvements.

We received more than 10,000 feedback comments from players during the testing phase, and they will be invaluable to us as we work on designing an outstanding experience in subsequent development. Thank you for your support, and we hope to see you again once these improvements are complete.

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, Ubisoft have just unveiled their newest season for the tactical shooter, dubbed Steel Wave, which introduced two new operators, a map rework, and other features.

Source: GamingonPhone

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