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Beat Saber 1.10.0 out now, adds 46 new beatmaps across 18 songs with 360°/90° levels

Beat Games has released update 1.10 for Beat Saber across PC VR platforms, and players will be glad to know that 46 new beatmaps have been added across 18 songs in the game. That includes 10 new 360°/90° levels each and 26 new One Saber levels for those 18 songs, hitting that 46 beatmap target. This is a free content update so anyone who has Beat Saber can try these new levels out after updating to version 1.10. That is not all players will notice as there have been a few fixes released too. You can check them out below.

  • Fixed controller button mapping caused by incorrectly detected Oculus Rift device.
  • Fixed displaying invalid player name in the leaderboards.
  • Fixed issue when grid in beatmap Level Editor was not shown sometimes.
  • Fixed bug causing losing audio and cover image files when saving project in beatmap Level Editor.

What’s the deal for PSVR players then? Well you are going to have to wait, unfortunately.

Yep, technical issues have hampered the update being released on PSVR and Beat Team are looking into getting the content out as soon as possible for PSVR owners of Beat Saber.

Source: Steam/Twitter

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  1. Why did I look at the replies to that tweet about the PSVR version being delayed? They’re kind of predictable, really.

    It’s all Sony’s fault. Except it’s probably the developers fault for breaking something and failing Sony’s quite strict rules. Or they filled in a form wrong. Probably. It’s possible something went wrong at Sony. The QA people are apparently taking a lot longer than usual lately, for obvious reasons.

    And best of all, PSVR is shit and the controllers are just copies of PC controllers. Those 11 year old Move controllers they presumably copied from a PC VR controller that traveled back in time somehow, because reasons.

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