Minecraft Dungeons’ Jungle Awakens DLC will be released in July

It has been a few days now since the latest Minecraft related title Minecraft Dungeons was released for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. The game is slightly different to Minecraft as Minecraft Dungeon is much more focused on dungeon crawling and an action-adventure approach. While people may only just be getting into the game Mojang Studios is not holding back on news about future updates for the game. The developers confirmed that the first piece of DLC will be released in July, and it is called Jungle Awakens. Jungle Awakens will add three new missions as well as jungle zombies, the leapleaf, and the poison quill vine. Players will also have access to new gear including armour, weapons, and artifacts.

Jungle Awakens is the first piece of content and later on this year, there will be more DLC through Creeping Winter. That will probably hit in winter if the name is anything to go by. There is not much detail about what will be added with Creeping Winter though it is clear players will be heading to some mountainous areas. The name may also imply that creepers will be wandering around those snowy peaks so you will probably have to watch out for those in the Creeping Winter missions.


In our review for Minecraft Dungeons, Dom wrote:

Minecraft Dungeons could easily have been “My First Dungeon Crawler”, but it’s so much more than that. It does a great job of taking the genre’s hooks – the waves of enemies, the pervasive drive for better loot – and makes them palatable and approachable for a wide-ranging audience. It’s perfect family gaming, but if you crank the difficulty up prepare for an epic beatdown, and the epic rewards to go with them.
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