Take Two: Stadia launch “slow”, Google “overpromised” what could be delivered

Take Two have a number of games on Google’s Stadia platform but future titles may be in doubr. CEO Strauss Zelnick was talking at the Bernstein Annual Strategic Decisions Conference and said “The launch of Stadia has been slow. I think there was some overpromising on what the technology could deliver and some consumer disappointment as a result.”

That would be reference to Google’s initial claims that games would be running in 4K and at 60fps, claims that would be amended later to say that games could run like that but only if the developers could make them work. Given that the servers Stadia are running on are much more powerful that current consoles and most PCs it was assumed that most games would be at 4K but only a couple have managed to reach that level so far.


Zelnick also revealed that whole premise of Stadia, which is that there are millions of people who want to play games but can’t afford the hardware, seems to have been off the mark.

“The belief that streaming was going to be transformative was based on a view that there were loads of people who really had an interest in interactive entertainment, really wanted to pay for it, but just didn’t want to have a console. I’m not sure that turned out to be the case,” he commented.

He also said Take Two would support “high-quality streaming services as long as the business model makes sense,” but as Stadia is clearly not getting the subscribers he expected any future releases from Take Two will have to be carefully considered.

Six free games being added to the Stadia Pro service this month. They are Get Packed, Little Nightmares, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Superhot, Panzer Dragoon: Remake and Elder Scrolls Online.

Source: Gamespot

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  1. Regarding a market of people who are apparently waiting for something like Stadia, because they don’t want a console. That sounds ridiculous to me – how would they know they want this if they have never owned a console or gaming PC? Not to mention there are still barriers as you can’t just pick up a controller and play if you have no experience with games

    And if you cared/wanted the experiences you would prioritise getting a console/PC

    The Stadia tech isn’t bad, but even at its best is still noticeably less responsive than native hardware, even in the best case scenarios (Thorough Digital Foundry teating shows this)

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