Rainbow Six Siege leak shows new Splinter Cell and Thai Operators

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to online leaks spilling the details for future content update.

Ubisoft’s tactical team-based shooter is once again in the spotlight with new footage reportedly showing off the game’s two upcoming, unannounced Operators.

This leak comes just days before the release of Rainbow Six Siege’s latest in-game season, dubbed “Operation: Steel Wave”. Also referred to as Year 5 Season 2 (or “Y5S2” for short) this free update to the popular title adds two Operators Ace and Melusi as well as a rework for House among other new features.

So, what exactly is this newest leak and where does it come from? The video below (via YouTube channel Gamer Felonies) supposedly depicts shaky, off-screen footage of an internal Ubisoft build that showcases both of the two remaining Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Operators.

It’s probably best to avoid subjecting yourself to the full twenty minute video. It’s truly an assault to the eyes and ears yet manages to unveil some incredibly important info surrounding Year 5 Seasons 3 and 4. Usually we’d have to wait until much later in the year to get this kind of Rainbow Six Siege goss, so buckle up.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 leaked Operators

The two big takeaways from the horrendous footage shown surround the two upcoming Operators. For a while now there has been speculation that Y5S3 would introduce Splinter Cell hero, Sam Fisher, to the game’s growing roster. This is what reliable Rainbow Six Siege leaker, Kormora, had previously stated last month and they’ve had a pretty solid track record, so this info is hard to ignore.

Specifically, we get to see new Operators “Scout” and “Aruni” in action. Scout’s gadget appears to be a camera device which can burrow into walls and other surfaces, exposing the opposite side. Further evidence to suggest a Splinter Cell crossover with Rainbow Six Siege includes the use of ECH (presumably Echelon) as the named counterterrorism unit for Scout with the series’ SC3000X rifle also making an appearance.

Meanwhile, it’s not quite as clear what Aruni brings to the roster. Her “Surya Gate” gadget is simply referred to as a “laser reinforcement” though her prosthetic arm has the power to tear down hatches and barricades with one hit. The video also gives us a vague look at the upcoming Chalet rework.

Ubisoft has yet to comment on the leak and there’s a good chance that what has been shown may be heavily modified from now until its official reveal.

Source: Gamer Felonies (via Windows Central)

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