Choo choo! Here’s comes the interdimensional Voidtrain gameplay trailer

Voidtrain looks like one hell of a weird game, casting you as the conductor of an interdimensional train. The game is coming out this autumn on PC, with developer Neagra and publisher HypeTrain Digital sharing a fresh gameplay trailer in the IGN Summer of Gaming expo.


The game’s a first person action survival game, exploring the train tracks that stretch into the void, gradually upgrading your train while battling bizarre creatures, Nazis and more. You’ll start off with just a push-trolly, but by gathering debris in the gravity-less space, it can be upgraded and grown. That will include steam, diesel and tesla engines, additional train cars, and defensive walls.

While much will be spent floating around and snagging debris, tethered to the train, you’ll also have puzzle island that you’ll encounter, and interdimensional train depots guarded by Nazis and with hostages to free.

The more the train is upgraded, the faster it goes, and the faster it goes, the more challenging the game becomes, with adaptive difficulty that changes depending on how well you’re doing. You’ll also be able to amp up the difficulty yourself by using Void Cards at the aforementioned depots.

It looks pretty barmy, from the trailer, with a lot of clashing ideas that are just so mad it might just work. With online co-op as well, this could well be a game to keep an eye on when it comes out on PC this autumn, and with a hopeful console release that follows.

Source: press release

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