GTFO gets a flipping new gameplay video and a new update

GTFO is a brutal multiplayer shooter. If you’ve not seen or heard of it, players cower in the shadows, hoping that they can make it through the waves of horrific monsters by working together and not dying. Coming from developer 10 Chambers Collective, which includes former Payday 2 designers, GTFO is all about team play. Set in the shadowy Complex, in the vein of squad based shooters like Left 4 Dead, it’s you and up to three friends against the hive, though when it carries the tagline “Work Together or Die Alone” you’re probably best off as a team of four. Just to be safe.


As part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming feed, we’ve been treated to an exclusive gameplay video that shows just how brutal GTFO really is. Currently in Early Access on PC, where it launched in December last year, GTFO has just hit its third rundown, entitled The Vessel which goes live today. This latest update adds a new location, The Lab, seven expeditions, more terrifying enemies, extra guns, and adds more content to the game’s overarching narrative. It will undoubtedly still be terrifying.

In an effort to get the narrative up to a suitably hard-hitting sheen, the team added Adam Gascoine, who’s worked on Doom, Doom Eternal and The Last of Us, and as they head towards version 1.0 they’re continuing to add more features with every update.

Rundown 003 also brings Steam Trading Cards which will let you add some GTFO themed cards to your set. They’re still working on matchmaking – it’s clearly the most requested feature for the game – but while it’s a the top of the list, it’s not coming in Rundown 003.

The last major update, Rundown 002 added the Dig Site location, ten more expeditions, three new weapons and at least a couple of horrible new enemies. It’s clear that 10 Chambers Collective are doing everything right with the game as it heads ever closer to its full release, but for now fans can get involved with a chunk more content, while they scare themselves silly.

GTFO is available on Steam in Early Access. Its full release date is TBC. If you want to stay up to date on the game and its development, their Discord boasts a healthy 185,000 members, so you might be able to find one or two people willing to squad up with you.

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