Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 expands Battle Royale, adds new content

A new season for the immensely popular Call of Duty: Mobile has finally started with Activision rolling out its newest major expansion.


Season 7 – dubbed “Radioactive Agent” drops a huge wad of new content on the free to play title with new maps, features, and unlocks, alongside an expansion to the game’s Battle Royale mode and Battle Pass.

Seven new zones have been added to the Battle Royale map, increasing its total size by roughly 45%. These zones include Black Market, Harbor, Downtown, Sanitarium, Ski Town, Heat, and Frigid Wetlands, building on Activision’s original virtual battleground significantly.

Meanwhile, for those wondering about how Season 7 changes the existing Battle Pass system, here’s what to expect:

Radioactive Agent brings a major change to the Battle Pass systems, as players will now progress along a single stream of content. Free tiers spread throughout the stream reward content to all players who reach those tiers, while players who purchase the Battle Pass will unlock content at each and every tier.

You still progress through the new single stream Battle Pass system in the same fashion as before, by playing matches in Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and in limited time modes. Now let’s look at some of the fun content available in the Radioactive Agent Battle Pass.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 also sees the return of fan favourite COD game mode, Classic Gunfight. Previously known as 2v2 Showdown, this mode pits two pairs of players against one another in the Gulag which fans of Call of Duty: Warzone will know all too well. Season 7 also adds a new large map to the rotation with Tunisia.

Check below for a tl;dr summary of what’s new in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7:

  • New MP Maps – Tunisia, Gulag
  • New Classic Gunfight Mode
  • New MP Scorestreak – Cluster Strike
  • Huge Battle Royale Expansion
  • Seven new zones including Black Market, Harbor, Sanitarium and more
  • New Boss – Butcher
  • New BR Class – Smoke Bomber
  • New Vehicle – Tank
  • Season 7: Radioactive Agent Battle Pass
  • New Characters – Including Ghost-Hazmat and Kreuger-Alchemist
  • New weapons and items
  • New Modes
  • Gunfight (classic mode from Modern Warfare)
  • Attack of the Undead (Similar to Modern Warfare’s Infected mode)
  • Events – Radiated Sector
  • Seasonal Challenges
  • Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 Tournament second chance for Stage 1 and sign-ups for Stage 2 begin in June
  • New merchandise now available in the store
  • Various UI updates, weapon balance, and gameplay optimisations

Source: Press Release


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