The PlayStation 5 is an absolute unit, you’re gonna need a bigger shelf

When the PlayStation 5 was revealed last night and although reactions to the games were overwhelmingly positive the design of the new console was a little more contentious. Some praised the curvy design, other’s hated it, rather like when the PlayStation 3 was revealed in all it’s chunky goodness.

There were also a few comments about the size of the beast, the new 4K blu ray drive slot looked very small in comparison to the rest of the console and now a clever bean on the internet has matched up the size of the PS5 drive with those on previous consoles so we can all see just what a chunkster the PlayStaton 5 is.


Here’s the first image showing all the blu-ray drives lined up and equal size.

The images of the consoles have then been lined up with their base on the same level which shows the size of the PlayStation 5 in comparison to consoles you already own.

We can see the Ps5 is over twice the thickness of the PS4 and roughly the same as a PS3, but it’s even taller than Sony’s original fatboy, around 20% taller in fact.

Another clever bean, GREBO7 on Reddit has lined up all the recent consoles in the same manner.

Though they’ve now shown off the console, Sony have kept mum about the specifics of the system’s release. They’re still planning for a date later this year, but haven’t given us any clues beyond that. Similarly, they’re still keeping quiet about the price of the console, as Sony and Microsoft play chicken to see who will go first. However, with two SKUs available, a standard version with the 4K blu-ray drive and an all digital edition, Sony could potentially try to undercut with the digital edition or offer a benefit for going digital in the form of increased SSD capacity.

Last night Sony gave us a look at twenty five new PlayStation 5 games including Horizon Forbidden West. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, and Gran Turismo 7.

Source: Twitter / Reddit

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  1. I like the design and don’t mind the size especially if it means it’s a lot quieter than the PS4. And I won’t have to buy a stand which I have done for the past three out of four consoles (PS2, PS4, PS4 Pro).

  2. That definitely isn’t fitting in the TV cabinet. Next to the TV it goes!

  3. 20% taller than the original PS3? Or 20% wider, because who balances expensive hardware precariously on it’s narrowest side?

    The PS3 was 32.5cm wide, or 12.8 inches if that’s easier for old people. So the PS5 should be about 39cm, or 15.4 inches.

    *checks size of gaming shelves*

    If I get rid of the PS4 (which is obviously an option this time around), then I’ve got about 8 inches to spare and I could just slip it in there.

    Certainly not the biggest thing on my shelves (bloody surround sound amps are huge!). And not as big as monstrosity MS forgot to bother designing this time.

    • eight inches.. slip it in.. fnarrrr

      • I’m wondering what to do with the old one while I try and slip it in. Should I try and get them both in? Or shove it in the other end? But then where does the third one go?

        And how much dusting to I need to do first?

    • The Xbox Series X is clearly smaller than the PS5 in two of three dimensions.

      • The Series X in that comparison picture is shorter but fatter, and you can’t tell how deep it goes. It certainly looks like it will appear bigger. And doesn’t have the white bits to help make it look smaller.

      • Yes, PS5 seems to hide its true size a bit better, and we don’t have the exact dimensions just yet, but we do have the dimensions and a number of comparison shots of the Series X to know that it is going to be noticeably shorter and nowhere near as deep. It’s 15x15x30cm.

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