First Evil Genius 2 gameplay footage revealed

Rebellion have sneakily released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming supervillain management sim, Evil Genius 2. The sequel to the 2004 cult classic spy lair builder – think Dungeon Keeper, but with spies – will be coming to PC via Steam in 2020.


You’ll take control of an Evil Genius and put your plans for world domination in motion. Build your own evil lair and set up a convenient cover operation as you train a small army of minions and henchmen to defend yourself from the Forces of Justice. If you’re successful, it shouldn’t be long before you can dominate the world with your very own Doomsday Device.

The team will also be dropping another update on the game’s development tomorrow in the Guerrilla Collective’s third day. Maybe they’ll have a release date for us?

Following that, Rebellion will be holding their own behind the scenes stream with the devs on Wednesday 17th June at 10 AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM BST / 7PM CEST.

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