Iron Harvest 1920+ gets a fresh alt-history RTS trailer and a demo

King Art have dropped a pair of new trailers for their alternate history RTS Iron Harvest 1920+, a world where WWI continued after our world’s 1918 conclusion, the technology evolving not toward tanks, but to dieselpunk mechs.

The game is coming out on 1st September 2020 – 1/9/20, get it? – but you can try the game out this week with a time limited demo available from 16th-20th June.


So, are you ready for the trailers? Here’s one for the pre-order:


And one more for the collector’s edition:

They also took a moment during today’s Guerrilla Collective stream to show off the tutorial for the game, which introduces the main characters as they are children fighting with snow balls. Of course, the main game heats up from there, jumping forward to the main single player war and its Company of Heroes-style RTS gameplay.

There will be three major factions in the game which are the Saxony Empire, The Polania Republic, and Rusviet. Saxony surrendered during the war and a lot of people are unhappy with that conclusion, especially since the empire is one of the most powerful in the world. Polania is a smaller nation that is stuck between Saxony and Rusviet, with much of the population working in agriculture. Following the war some areas are still occupied by Rusviet forces. Rusviet is a heavily industrialised nation though unrest is occurring as Tsar Nikolai and Rasputin vie for power.

Players will use regular soldiers, heroes, and mechs to fight in various scenarios in different sandbox levels. It is up to you how you reach objectives through a dynamic story.

The game was originally announced for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but the team are now just focussing on the PC version of the game. The challenge of translating an RTS like this to controller will have to happen some other time.

Source: press release

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