Iron Harvest’s Operation Eagle announced, will be released in May

Deep Silver and King Art have announced an expansion for the alternate history RTS Iron Harvest, and that expansion is called Operation Eagle. Operation Eagle is due to be released on May 27th. This new expansion adds a whole new campaign with the nation of Usonia aiming to become the superpower of the world, but other nations will not bow down willingly. The campaign will add 7 missions and all of them will be playable in co-op. There are also 25 minutes of new cinematics.

Set in a world where WWI continued after our own world’s conclusion in 1918, technology went not in the direction of tanks with treads, but rather toward dieselpunk mechs that stomp across the battlefield. That World War has now concluded, but the fight for supremacy in the 20th century continues on, the game taking deep inspirations from the Company of Heroes series for its style of RTS warfare. The base game follows the stories of the Rusvet, Polania, and Saxony nations. Usonia is the new nation coming through Operation Eagle.

In our review for Iron Harvest, Nic wrote:

Iron Harvest’s incredible presentation and scrappy, dynamic battles can’t always save it from uneven mechanical depth and arbitrary-feeling limitations. A celebration of the some classic RTS, but not an evolution of it.
You can read the Iron Harvest Review here. Iron Harvest is currently available on PC. A PS4 and Xbox One version has been announced but there is no release date.
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