Star Wars Squadrons reveal trailer has landed, coming out in October with VR support

Today, EA has released the debut trailer for Star War Squadron and has confirmed that the game will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC and with VR support for both PSVR and PC-based VR systems. It will be released on 2nd October 2020!

The first gameplay will be revealed on Thursday at 4PM PST (that’s midnight in the UK) at EA Play Live.

Over the weekend, EA teased details about the game with the line ‘You are the Empire’s strength.’ but the trailer shows pilots on both sides of the war, with both Empire and Rebellion fighters, pitting the two of the best squadrons from the Original Trilogy era of five pilots agains each other.

That five player number matters, with 5v5 multiplayer a key part of the game. The game’s all about first person dogfighting, as opposed to having a follow cam view, and that will lend itself very nicely to VR support on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and all the rest. Cross-play will be supported across all platforms.

There will also be a single player campaign, set after the Battle of Endor and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. You’ll jump back and forth between the the two sides as the New Republic rises and the Empire fights for survival, able to create and customise your own character on both sides. You’ll join the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron and the Empire’s Titan Squadron, made up of original characters, though there will be some cameos from familiar faces as well – we spotted Wedge smirking away in the trailer.

There will be a mixture of familiar and new locations as well, with battles around the gas giant Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan. The battles will be objective based, with the overall goal of destroying the opposing flagship in Fleet Battles, adjusting your squadron composition to overcome the enemy.

Ian Frazier, Creative Director, Motive Studios said, “We created this game for every Star Wars fan who has ever dreamt about soaring across the galaxy in their favorite starfighter. Through the collaboration of the teams at Motive and Lucasfilm, we’ve been able to create a high-fidelity starfighter experience with an authentic storyline that invites Star Wars fans to explore never-before-seen corners of the galaxy in their own ship. We’re excited to show all this in action this week at EA Play Live.”

Interestingly, the game will come with a budget $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99 price point, making it a budget offering. If you’re an EA Access or Origina Access subscriber, you’ll get 10 hours of play time at launch.

Last week, EA confirmed the existence of Star Wars Squadrons after it was leaked by the Microsoft Store. However, that was not the first indication of the game. It has been suggested that Squadrons’ code name was Project Maverick, and that was found on PSN back in March.

According to earlier rumours, Star Wars: Squadrons was supposed to have been announced a couple of weeks ago, but if that was the case then EA decided to postpone it. Star Wars Squadrons may be the only Star Wars game for a little while now, with rumours that there will be no Star Wars Battlefront 3, and a follow up to Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order being a few years away yet.

Source: EA

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  1. I honestly never expected a game like this to ever exist again, if all it is is a carbon copy of the space combat in Battlefront then I’ll be happy, anything else is a bonus. Brilliant :)

  2. The video reminds me of the Star Wars cabinet game that was in the arcades around the late seventies early eighties. I spent many 10p’s trying to blow up the Death Star.

  3. If it’s going to be ready for October then surely they could have shown some in-game footage instead of a giant cut scene.

    Bloody EA

  4. Not just VR support, but HOTAS support too.

    • Right, me and eBay are gonna be getting very busy!

      • Glad I got mine when it was cheap. They’re about £75 currently. Worth it for the few games that use it, and even better when you’re in VR.

        A Star Wars game in VR will keep me going until the inevitable Elite Dangerous PS5 port with VR support. That’s got to be a thing, right?

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