Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Syndicate season starts tomorrow, details confirmed

First Contact Entertainment is letting up on the content for Firewall Zero Hour, and tomorrow will see the launch of the game’s fifth season Operation Syndicate. What can players expect in the new season then? Well, there will be a new map to battle it out on and a new contractor to play as. There is also a new weapon and a legendary weapon skin, and all the details will follow after the trailer.


The new map is called Blacksite and it will be available to everyone who has access to the game. The location is a militarised sector of a Middle Eastern city during sunset. There are apartments to wander through, alleyways to skulk around in, and an open market area where teams will fight over data on a laptop. Blacksite will also be the lobby area for Operation Syndicate as well. Along with Blacksite players will be able to play as Lucia Gallo, aka Luna, and her specialist skill is Backtrace. With Backtrace players can see the outlines of all jammers on the map for 4 seconds. Luna is only available to those who have the Operation: Syndicate Op Pass holders.

The season adds 24 cosmetics available for both free and premium pass holders. These cosmetics include trinkets, face paints, and camo skins and unlock after missions. Custom ZS is the brand new weapon which is a full auto, short-range sub-machine gun, while the legendary weapon’s skin is Luna’s Hzu.

In the review for Firewall Zero Hour, Jim had the following to say:

Firewall: Zero Hour is essential for PlayStation VR owners. Despite this being First Contact’s debut game, it flawlessly executes on what the studio set out to do: to create PSVR’s first must-have multiplayer shooter. It may even sway some of those yet to purchase one of Sony’s high-tech headsets.

You can read the full Firewall Zero Hour review here.

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