Facebook Gaming will not replace Mixer in the Xbox One dashboard

Following their decision to close down the Mixer streaming platform, a number of people have understandably had a lot of questions for Microsoft about what will happen as they now partner themselves with Facebook Gaming as a third party alternative.

Answering questions on Reddit, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has cleared up a handful of key facts that have been concerning end users.

Microsoft will not share information and stats from Mixer with Facebook.

We certainly are not doing that now, and no plans to do that.

Edit: I got a few messages asking some questions. We are committed to respecting your privacy and personal information. Unless a Mixer streamer takes action to ask Microsoft to share data with a platform, no Mixer streamer personal information will be shared.

The implication here is that, as Mixer approaches its 22nd July end date, and the shift that will see Mixer links redirecting to Facebook Gaming, they will be given the option to transition your account.

Further to this, users were worried that Microsoft would start to force Facebook Gaming on their users, integrating it into the Xbox One dashboard as they had done with Mixer. That in an of itself was controversial back in 2017, but thankfully Microsoft are taking a different approach this time.

If you are asking if the current Mixer integration in the dashboard is just going to become Facebook gaming. The answer is no.

This does leave the door open to cross-promotion, but the same style of deep integration with mixer does seem to be off the table.

The removal of Mixer will mean that there’s no built-in streaming option on the console after 22nd July. However, there are still ways to stream. You can download the Twitch app on the system and stream via that, or turn to external streaming solutions via PC-based capture devices and software such as OBS and Xsplit.

The decision to close Mixer has been a pretty major capitulation, after Microsoft invested heavily in the technology behind Mixer, launching in 2017 with a focus on lower latency streaming. They then threw millions and millions of dollars at high profile Twitch streamers to lure them to the platform. Those big names, including Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Cory “King Gothalion” Michael, and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek are now free to return to Twitch or transition to Facebook Gaming.

Ninja and Shroud reportedly turned down lucrative offers from Facebook, pocketing $30 million and $10 million respectively for early contract termination by Mixer. Meanwhile, regular partners have reportedly been offered $2500 to sign and stay with Facebook for at least 90 days.

The shuttering of Mixer came just a day after Black ex-Mixer employee Milan K Lee relayed his experiences with racism and during his two years at the company. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer tackled the issue head on, offering to speak with Lee, which he agreed to.

While likely coincidental timing, it will be interesting to learn if and how that played into the decision to shut Mixer down.


Needless to say, it’s an awful position for streamers that have worked hard to build up a community on Mixer, with it often being difficult to take that audience with you to other platforms. Heck, if Ninja couldn’t do it at the height of his Fortnite streaming fame, then imagine the ability of smaller streamers to do so.

Source: MajorNelson via Reddit

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  1. That’s a lovely politician style answer there.

    He was asked “at any point in the future will an Xbox console have Facebook gaming integrated into the dashboard like Mixer is now?”

    And replied with a sort of “did you mean to answer a different question I’ve got an answer for?”. And gave a fairly meaningless answer to that. What he’s saying is it won’t just be renamed from “Mixer” to “Facebook Gaming”, leaving plenty of room to do a deal and force it on everyone later.

    How do MS say something clearly ambiguous and people believe what they want to hear, and yet Sony say something pretty clear and everyone jumps to the wrong conclusion (like the PS5 will only run 6 PS4 games, or however many it was)?

    • I think we can give them some benefit for doubt. Mixer as a Microsoft entity would be possible to integrate throughout, but data protection laws now mean that streaming to or from Facebook/Twitch/YouTube whoever will require user interaction to opt in.

      Most likely it will come in the form of an app of some sort. Microsoft have a Spotify partnership and cross-promotion, and that requires people to actively download the app.

      Even if Facebook is dropped in as a Mixer replacement, since 2019 it’s been very easy to just remove the Mixer page from the Dashboard.

  2. A lot of people really don’t want Facebook plastering all over their xbox dash. Hopefully they get the message and don’t sneak it into a future update. They really wasted a tremendous amount of money with mixer, and beam as it was before.

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