8bitdo announce Xbox Project xCloud version of their SN30 Pro bluetooth controller

8bitdo have made a real name for themselves with their retro-inspired (and bonkers) bluetooth controllers over the years, but now they’re taking one of their most popular designs and giving it a thoroughly modern overhaul in partnership with Xbox and Project xCloud.

Available from 21st September for $45, the SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud gaming on Android might not have the snappiest of names, but it takes the SNES-inspired SN30 Pro, encases it in black plastic, and adorns it with some Xbox-specific buttons on the front.


The SN30 Pro took the company’s already excellent recreation of the classic SNES controller and enhanced with two clickable analogue sticks and twinned shoulder buttons, making it a fully featured controller for modern gaming. However, this Xbox variant is more than a quick branded cash grab, and enhances that design even further.

It now seems to have analogue triggers (albeit tiny ones that won’t be that great for fine control), and will have access to the 8bitdo Ultimate Software introduced for the SN30 Pro Plus, which allows for full button remapping, and tuning of the analogue stick and trigger responsiveness.

It also comes with a clip to attach mobile phones up to 86mm wide to the controller for handheld Project xCloud gaming.

There’s a few question marks over its wider functionality though. As a bluetooth controller, it won’t be compatible with the Xbox One itself, but it should be compatible with a wide range of devices. The 8bitdo site only lists Android compatibility, but the regular SN30 Pro also features Windows, macOS, Steam and Switch support through switchable input modes. Hopefully this iteration retains most, if not all of that.

Source: 8bitdo

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