8bitdo announce double D-pad controller designed for the Nintendo Switch Lite

Creators of all manner of wonderful retro-styled gamepads, 8bitdo’s Lite Bluetooth Gamepad is perhaps their most unusual creation yet. Designed specifically to go with the newly released Nintendo Switch Lite, and borrowing that console’s cute shades of turquoise and yellow, it’s ultra-compact design features not one, but two D-pads.


Described as an “ultra-portable controller made for 2D games and more”, it’s apparently “fully functional” and “all core buttons supported” for the Switch, though it doesn’t have analog sticks. While not confirmed in the blurb, the two D-pads are labelled L and R, which implies that the two D-pads will be mapped out to directional inputs in-game. If you want to play Link’s Awakening with a D-pad, which the game does not support, this might be the solution!

The controller is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, Raspberry Pi and more thanks to standard Bluetooth controller support, and it has upgradeable firmware via its USB-C port. Obviously, while designed to match the style of the Switch Lite, it’s compatible with the original Switch as well.

When it’s released on 30th October, it will also a much cheaper option than Nintendo’s own controllers. At $24.99 it’s less than a single Joy-Con, but potentially with much greater flexibility for quick pick up local mutliplayer.

We’re certainly very curious to find out how this little gamepad handles the broad spectrum of Switch games out there.

Also, it’s super cute.

Source: 8bitdo

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  1. These are weeeeeiiiiiirrrrrd.

    But they sure do look lovely.

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