Dual Universe MMO beta will be available this August, full release in 2021

Novaquark has announced that its sci-fi MMO Dual Universe will be heading to its beta phase on August 27th with a subscription price of $6.99 per month. Before the release of the beta the studio will be doing a data wipe so all players can start on a level playing field to rebuild civilisation. Those who have played in the game’s alpha stage will get access to the beta for no extra cost. Novaquark has stated that the alpha NDA will lift of August 27th as well so people can openly talk about the game. Dual Universe is a single shard universe MMO where all players operate in the same universe, and every action can have an impact. Players can build up their own companies, organisations, political systems, societies, and change the very landscape as well which will be seen and experienced by everyone in the game.


Novaquark CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie said:

“We’ve been working on Dual Universe for over four years, and after completing the foundation for all main gameplay pillars, we’re presenting a solid idea of what this unique game offers to players, and a fully playable game for Beta.This is a huge milestone for us, as it is the culmination of so much hard work from the developers and a direct result of the community’s commitment to improve the game. I’m incredibly proud of everyone involved.”

The studio opted to go with the subscription pricing to make Dual Universe as accessible as possible price wise. The $6.99 option is just one of three options. Players can also choose to pay $38.45 for six months access, or $69.90 for a year’s access.

Source: Press Release

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