MotoGP 20 adds new Junior Team and MotoE in update 1.12

Milestone’s have updated MotoGP 20 with some siginificant new features, expanding the career mode with a new Junior Team feature and reintroducing the MotoE championship that featured in MotoGP 19.

The Junior Team feature is a new management angle being integrated into the main career mode. Once you’re racing as part of Moto2 or MotoGP, you can open a team in a class lower than yours and have them race the next season. You’ll be a team principle on one hand and a racer on the other.


You’ll need to assign a Team Manager, whose skills will help attract sponsors and let you hire good riders, as well as a Technical Director to shape the team’s bike development. There’s other factors including sponsors, balancing the books, and investing money to get travel discounts, train your riders or your engineers.

While you won’t be taking part yourself, you can either simulate or watch your Junior Team race in real time.

MotoE is the electric bike formula, offering different handling characteristics to the other bikes in the game. However, just as in MotoGP 19, it seems that they are simply an option for custom races and online, as opposed to being integrated into the game’s main career. Certainly, Milestone don’t make a fuss about this element.

The patch notes are pretty simple, with PC now at version 1.12, PS4 at version 1.0.12, and Xbox One at version Why the different version numbers? Who knows.

  • Added “Junior Team” feature to Career Mode.
  • Added MotoE class.
  • Updated TV style graphics.
  • Various minor fixes.

MotoGP 20 launched back in April, with Milestone managing to match the planned start window for the MotoGP 2020 season (which was obviously delayed due to Covid-19). Still, this led to a game that felt a bit premature. In our MotoGP 20 review, Tom wrote:

“MotoGP 20 tries to build upon the promise of recent developments with a raft of new features, but it’s those very inclusions that don’t quite feel fully formed yet. The presentation is more polished, there’s a real attempt to try something new, and I enjoy the more serious focus of the riding, but I can’t help but think that this game needed a little more time in development to iron out the quirks.”

MotoGP 20 is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

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