Superhot: Mind Control Delete will launch next week, free for current Superhot owners

Superhot Team has announced that Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be releasing next week, July 16th to be precise. Anyone who owns the non VR version of Superhot or buys the game before the release date will get Superhot: Mind Control Delete for free. The game is different to other Superhot games as it is a lot less linear, giving players a chance to explore areas around them.  You can check out the trailer below for the game.


From the PS Blog Cezary Skorupka said about the game:

“You go through sequences of areas and if you die you start the section again. If you succeed, more challenges unlock. We also added more enemy types, weapons, new abilities, and power-ups. It’s a fully-featured game complete with a “non-existent” story that is waiting for you to explore and experience rather than being rammed at you in high-speed like in the original Superhot.”

In our review for the original Superhot, Jim wrote:

“A crafty base concept and careful execution make Superhot one of the most intriguing games to come from the recent class of indie-developed shooters. Its bizarre setting and puzzle-like approach are refreshingly original and hopefully something the team will now expand upon following Superhot’s early success.”

You can read the full Superhot review here.

Source: PS Blog

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