Superhot: Mind Control Delete devs not budging on the 8 hour reset, was originally a 24 hours

Earlier this week we reported on the baffling decision that meant that once you had finished Superhot: Mind Control Delete you had to leave your PC or PlayStation 4 on for eight hours to before you could replay the game. You couldn’t just wait eight hours, the game had to be running on your screen and this had annoyed many people.

“You have to leave the game open for EIGHT HOURS and there is NO way around it, what were you thinking devs? nobody likes this part of the game, were you worried people would somehow finish before two hours and refund the game or something? this is absolutely ridiculous for you to of put in the game,” reads one review on Steam.


“This is not a joke. I left for the weekend, I come back. Yeah, you need to LEAVE THE GAME RUNNING FOR 8 HOURS to be able to play again, while listening to some chite rap.In 30 years of gaming this is the biggest FYou I have ever seen,” reads another.

The Superhot team held an AMA on Reddit yesterday and the subject was brought up many times but ignored. However, they eventually repsonded after the AMA ended.

“I didn’t want us to talk about the ending and tried to skip the comments about the timer… because it’s an ending! The game has just been released and the last think we’d want is to spoil everything from the get to on a top post of its AMA. I’d say even saying there’s a timer spoils it a bit, so I hoped it’ll all just simmer down. I was wrong I guess,” posted Xulm from the Superhot team.

“We think we made it quite clear during the game and its ending why the “timer” is there after you finish the game – and I just can’t answer the question WHY it is there without spoiling the fun. And I don’t want to spoil the fun,” they addded.

“To those worrying about locking the game and forcing it on people — One thing I can say is that it’s there only after you’re fully done with the game. Will spoil nothing more, sorry guys.”

“We thought we were very lenient,” adds Xulm, “our first timer was 24 hours.”

So there you go, the timer is there for fun, and it could of been much worse. I’ll leave ItsTheJoker on Reddit to respond.

“We appreciate the answer, but I hope you know that the sentiment is still ‘it’s artsy bullshit that breaks the fourth wall and actively inconveniences people.'”

Source: Reddit

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  1. Probably ridiculous. The kind of crap Kojima would like to pull.

    • But at least that would give you the time to reflect on your words and deeds.

  2. I am strugging to comprehend this in an environmently friendly world.. The device people are playing on draws between 100-300w (probably higher when considering modern PCs).

    So to leave the device on for 8 hours, means the use of 1-3KWh of power PER PERSON..

    Not mutiply that by the number of people who are playing.. Is 1,000,000 reasonable? If it is thats 1000 to 3000 MEGA Watt Hours.. Of power.. Wasted. Turned into Heat… Just for the devs to have their “fun”….

    Not only is this electricity costing their ‘customers’ somewhere between £150,000 and £500,000.. But what a waste to the environment…. Think how that money could be spent??

    Totally irrisponsible.

    • The PS4 uses a maximum of about 140W (averaged over the 3 different models, the original, slim and Pro). The average power (if you take the minimum and maximum power, over all 3 models) is about 106W.

      So the lower end of your guess. And if it’s 8 hours of not doing much, it’s probably around that. Except I’m sure everyone’s come across those odd cases where the fans go mad while you’re in a menu or a title screen. (Probably due to a completely unlocked framerate in those situations, so it goes mad and tries to use all the available power to run a menu at a million FPS or something)

      But surely a million people aren’t going to buy it now everyone knows about this crap?

      • But its not just PS4 users.. Its Xbox and PC.. and PCs draw more than 100W even when idle.

        I read that a year ago they announced total sales of 2 million of SH with 40% VR.. So this means that 1,200,000 people bought the “2D” SuperHot and will get MCD for free.

        So thast 1.2M copies of MCD being played before anyone buys it……

  3. Very good point, I agree. Hopefully anyone who wishes to play the game again will simply delete their saved data, thus skipping the long wait.

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