DayZ developer launch Vigor on Nintendo Switch

Bohemia Interactive – developers of DayZ, Ylands, and the ARMA franchise – have launched their newest multiplayer title, Vigor, on the Nintendo Switch.

The free to play looter shooter is currently available on Xbox One. While it seems that a PC or PlayStation 4 release would come next, Bohemia have made the decision to go handheld with their newest version of Vigor.


Set in a post-apocalyptic Norway, in Vigor players must survive the perilous Outlands by competing in various game modes then funnelling their resources into building a base.

Vigor is now available to download and play via the Nintendo eShop though access is currently limited to those who purchase the founder’s pack. Like many free-to-play online games, Vigor will open its doors to paying customers first before going completely free to play at a later date, sweetening the deal by throwing in a bundle of in-game items.

The Nintendo Switch Vigor founder’s pack includes the Founder Uniform, Vigor Baseball Cap, “Dust-off Hands” Gesture, and a wad of Crowns – Vigor’s premium currency. Priced at £17.99 (or $19.99), Bohemia claim that the value of the Crowns alone is 40USD so there are some savings to be had for those who want to get in early on the action.

In a developer update, Bohemia confirmed that Vigor will have online cross-play between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions. They also want to maintain complete parity between the two platforms, so when players boot up Vigor on Switch they can expect to dive straight into Season 4: Warlords:

“There’ve been many changes in the game meanwhile, new weapons and cosmetics were added, as well as new tools. You’re able to obtain for example plans for the jammer and mortar strike in the premium Battle Pass. Or you can test your shooting skills in Shootout and Elimination, our experimental game modes that aim to help in learning the ropes of movement and shooting in Vigor. If you’re not a shooter type, you can enjoy looting two sets of mementos, elusive Nordic trolls that giggle if you miss them and lighters that have a distinct sound if you bring them to your Shelter.”

Source: Press Release

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