Fall Guys is coming out for PC & PS4 in August

The cute and cuddly Takeshi’s Castle ’em up game Fall Guys finally has a release date. The craziness is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on 4th August.

Devolver Digital and Mediatonic’s game could be called a battle royale, with sixty players racing through round after round, knocking out competitors up until the final race for the crown. Game modes will include Door Dash, Tip Toe, Hex-A-Gone, Tail Tag, Hit Parade, Egg Hunt and Fall Mountain, but there’s a good few others as well.

The game has been in closed beta testing for a while now, but it seems that it’s ready for the limelight.

I went hands on with Fall Guys at Gamescom 2019 – make sure you check out the full meaty preview, I said of the game at the time:

The pitch for Fall Guys goes a little something like this: “It’s a super cute video game version of Takeshi’s Castle.” It’s barely even an elevator pitch. It’s more of an escalator pitch, which you say to all of the publisher business execs as they go in the opposite direction. It’s the kind of pitch that makes you go, “Yes! Why has nobody made this before?”

Well, it took long enough… and I can’t wait!

Source: Press Release

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