Watch the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X gameplay reveal here

Here it is. Halo Infinite gameplay has been revealed as part of the Xbox Series X first party games showcase. The game will be coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC Holiday 2020.


After a gorgeous opening cinematic, depicting the creation of the MJOLNIR armour that Master Chief wears, they dove straight into gameplay following on from the E3 2019 cinematic story trailer. Let’s just say things didn’t quite go to plan after that point, with humanity having already lost the war against the Banished.

Stepping out of the crashed ship, and the scale of the environments was clear to see from the very first moment, with Chief hopping into a Warthog and driving around, consulting a large scale map of the area. The Halo ring in the game is bigger that the last two Halo games combined, possibly with an open world slant to proceedings. Even so, this will be running at 60fps.

Battles against the Banished lean on familiar gameplay ideas from the Halo series, but breakable armour found on enemies. Chief has a new grappling hook that he can use to reach higher areas, as well as pull items towards him, such as an energy canister that can be used to take down shields. Oh, and if you want to use it for a sweet takedown kill? You can.

After years of build up, 343 Industries have finally shown off gameplay from the latest entry in their premiere first person shooter series. The game is billed as being a return to the series’ roots, and this is just another indicator that 343 are trying to pander to their fans, to a certain degree. From yesterday’s box art teaser, fans quickly spotted what looks like a Brute reflected in his visor, a destroyed Wasp in the background, and showed the first look at the grappling hook on Chief’s forearm.

Halo Infinite was announced back at E3 2018, before being confirmed at E3 2019 to be an Xbox Series X (then codenamed Project Scarlett) launch title and cross-generational release, and also coming to PC. The game is built in a new Slipspace engine, created specifically for the title. It will also feature split-screen co-op once more.

Halo Infinite will be out later this year for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows 10, launching alongside Microsoft’s next-gen console.

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