The Last of Us Part 2 sets record for PlayStation digital launch sales, according to SuperData

According to the research firm SuperData, The Last of Us Part 2 set a new record for digital launch sales of a PlayStation title with numbers totaling 2.8 million. Marvel’s Spider-Man and Final Fantasy VII Remake hit 2.2 million sales during their launch periods, so there’s quite a big jump here. The figure lines up with the fact that The Last of Us Part 2 became the fastest-selling PS4 title in the UK when it was released beating Uncharted 4 by 1% and The Last of Us by 76%.

In our review for The Last of US Part II, Jim wrote:


“The Last of Us Part II is a remorseless epic delivering in its masterful storytelling, nail-biting gameplay, and unrivaled production values. Naughty Dog have truly surpassed themselves yet again, crafting a heartfelt sequel that will leave you gasping as they continue to raise the bar for the video game industry. It’s yet another must-buy for PlayStation 4 owners, supercharging Sony’s unstoppable stable of exclusives.”

However, some people wer very upset about the story told in the game and despite the game having a Metacritic Critic rating on 95 it had a Metacritic User Score of 3.7 thanks to 43033 ‘generally unfavorable reviews.’ While this was not the direct reason for it, Metacritic did changes it user review policy, closing them until after a game had launched before players could submit their views and strongly suggested only those who played the game should review it.

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Source: SuperData via VGC

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