Free £10/$10 PSN credit is being given out by Sony to celebrate 10 years of Plus

Sony has started crediting PS Plus accounts with £10/$10 and I imagine €10 as well to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PlayStation Plus. It looks like this started happening last night, and we have a couple of confirmed instances of this happening. The message reads, “To celebrate 10 years of PlayStation Plus, we’ve added £10.00 PlayStation Store credit to your account. Thank you for choosing PlayStation Plus.”

Sony did previously announce that it would celebrating the 10th anniversary in different ways. There is a free 10th PlayStation Plus Anniversary theme to grab from the PS Store, and the company added Erica as a bonus game to this month’s PS Plus line up, alongside NBA 2K20 and Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration.

Here are the links to the UK PS Store, with all three free games available to download from Tuesday, 7th July until Monday, 3rd August.

Looking back on the selection of games, we came with some good praise for Rise of the Tomb Raider. In our original review of the game from 2015 – when it was an Xbox One timed exclusive – Dave wrote:

Rise of the Tomb Raider is an action-packed tour-de-force that, while derivative at times, is a fantastic romp from beginning to end. This sequel learns some of the lessons of its predecessor by making the game more like a recognisable Tomb Raider game, while at the same time implementing some new features and impressive visual design. While not quite the globetrotting adventure some were hoping for, Rise of the Tomb Raider is well worth playing.

Similarly, we didn’t review NBA 2K20 on PlayStation 4, but Dom went ahead and reviewed NBA 2K20 for Nintendo Switch instead. Nevertheless, he had some great things to say about the game, which is a functional match for the home console version.

For Switch-owning sports fans there’s nothing that comes close to NBA 2K20. Boasting great visuals, stellar gameplay and a feature-rich range of play types, there’s something for everyone, and while VC is still a ‘feature’ that we’d rather didn’t have a place in modern sports titles, it’s been balanced back in the favour of actual gameplay.

Lastly, we didn’t review Erica, but it was an interesting entry in Sony’s series of Playlink games, which used a connection to smartphone apps for control instead of having you pick up a controller. Talk of this functionality has definitely taken a back seat while Sony look instead to the launch of the PlayStation 5 and court core gamers instead of the mainstream, but it will be interesting to see if they revive the notion a few years from now.

Source: PSN/Stu L

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  1. It’s very nice of them, but the communication is awful. Why isn’t there a blog post on the PS blog about this, with details, because right now it’s fairly confusing that some has revived at this point and some hasn’t.

    • Not everyone is getting it. They gave credit out to some people a while back and I didn’t get any then, I did this time.

  2. I got one last night and plan to buy NFS Heat in the summer sale.
    But I do agree with Erroneus of the way they handle this. On twitter quite a few folk did not recieve their tenner. I assumed that you must be an active plus member to 10 consecutive years or you just get lucky?
    Really don’t know and I am hoping they are doing it in waves?

  3. I don’t know how they are doing it but it is definently not if you have been a continuous member… One of my friends has let his lapse a lot land he got his last night… I assume we are all getting the credit but then why would Sony not be showing off by telling us all?

  4. I’ve been a member from day one, with no breaks, and haven’t received it. I’m not gonna die, if I don’t, but yeah it’s a tad confusing what they are doing.

  5. I believe it’s just random who gets the store credit seen people say they’ve done this in past for something and it was random,it would cost Sony millions/billions to send to everyone and can’t see that happening

  6. I didn’t receive any credit the last time they did this, and I don’t seem to be on their list this time either.. I guess I’m just too naughty for Sony ?

    I’d love to know how they decide who gets it; seeing as I’ve been gaming with PlayStation since the PS1 and have held a PS+ account for many many years (not since day 1 and with a few gaps mind), I’d like to think I’d have been chosen over some others. Though I believe this is why they are keeping quite on how the draw is made, so as to not have loads of fans screaming why they weren’t picked.

    It’s not much of a lose anyhoo; any games I buy off the PS store are discounted by 50%+, plus the discount got by buying PSN top-up cards online. Maybe I didn’t receive it because I don’t buy anything at full price?

  7. Had all consoles from launch, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, PSP, PS Vita, PSTV all registered online. Been a PS Plus member since day 1 and they Don’t even give me a bonus tenner!! Thanks Sony

  8. Didn’t get any credit the last time and it seems I’ve been left out again. Same as others above, I’ve been a continuous PS+ member since day one and regularly buy from the PS store. Probably needs to be some clarification on what qualifies members for the gift.

  9. Nothing for me or my boy either.

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