From Bedrooms To Billions: The PlayStation Revolution documentary releasing in September

This September will mark the 25th anniversary of the original PlayStation released in the UK, Europe, and North America. 25 years since that new machine from Sony marked the beginning of a still-unfolding story. To mark that anniversary a new documentary is being released and it is called From Bedrooms to Billions: The PlayStation Revolution, and this documentary will explore the origins of PlayStation as well as talking to some of the key figures behind the brand.  Anthony and Nicola Caulfield are the minds behind this documentary.

The description of the documentary reads:

The PlayStation Revolution is an independent documentary feature film that uncovers the incredible story behind the creation of the Sony PlayStation. It is an essential watch for anyone interested in video games and the history of the biggest entertainment industry on earth. The film investigates why Sony decided to enter the video games business, when it was already dominated by both Nintendo and Sega, who not only produced their own hardware but made and published fantastic games. To compete, Sony would not only have to design and build a new piece of hardware, but they would have to find a way to persuade the game development industry to take a chance and develop games for it long before it even came out!

The documentary will include interviews with some of the key figures behind PlayStation including Mark Cerny, Hideo Kojima, Shinji Mikami, David Jaffe, and Andy Gavin. All of them have contributed to PlayStation’s history from the console hardware itself to the very games that have now been enjoyed by millions globally. From Bedrooms to Billions: The PlayStation Revolution will be released on September 7th and it will be available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and through digital services. There is a special edition that comes with bonus features and those are:

  • Creating Wipeout – RT – 10mins 31 sec (featuring game creator Nick Burcombe and Psygnosis founder Ian Hetherington)
  • Creating Gran Turismo – RT – 19mins 12 secs (featuring creator Kazunori Yamauchi)
  • Net Yaroze – RT – 6mins 46 secs (featuring Phil Harrison and Paul Holman)
  • Audio on PS2 – 3mins 12 secs (featuring Jason Page)
  • Director’s commentary with Anthony Caulfield, Nicola Caulfield, Heather Gibson & Gavin Rummery (Tomb Raider), Steve Merrett (PlayStation journo) and Shahid Ahmad (former Sony PlayStation dev commissioner)
  • Photo Gallery

Source: Press Release

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