Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream and beta news coming today

Although it definitely hasn’t fallen off our radars, some may be surprised to learn that Marvel’s Avengers is just over a month away from launch.

The ambitious cinematic superhero video game is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on September 4th but there are those fans of Marvel comics and the MCU who still might not be able to wrap their head around Square Enix’s next big AAA game.

That’s what their series of Marvel’s Avengers War Table streams are for. Instead of showcasing the game at big industry events and press conferences, Tomb Raider developers Crystal Dynamics have gone for the deep dive approach with these broadcasts, the next one due later today.

If you intend on watching this latest Avengers War Table then here are the times you’ll need to tune in. The stream will go live today, July 29th, at 10 AM Pacific Time (that’s 6PM for folks in the UK, and 7PM for those in Central Europe). The stream will go live via the YouTube video above so if you want to save yourself some time then bookmark this page and come back later.

The previous 25-minute Avengers War Table stream in June gave us a deeper look at the singleplayer campaign with some fresh Thor gameplay while also properly introducing us to the MODOK, the game’s main antagonist. We also got to see a number of bonus character costumes based on famous and popular comic book arcs with Crystal Dynamics also explaining how new content will be added in future.

So what can we expect from today’s Avengers broadcast? For a start, we’ll get a better idea of how the game’s online co-op will work. Where Hero Missions are strictly solo, story-based affairs, War Zones are where you can team up with other Avengers to complete objectives and level up your characters. The developers will also explain Challenge Rooms as well as how to access the game’s upcoming beta. Here’s a quick breakdown of beta phases and dates.

  1. August 7th – PlayStation pre-Order beta
  2. August 14th – Xbox and PC pre-order beta, PlayStation open beta
  3. August 21st – Open beta for all platforms

Hopefully we’ll be able to share our latest impressions of Marvel’s Avengers with you very soon.

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