Fall Guys had over 1.5 million players in its first 24 hours, despite server troubles

It’s a good thing the Fall Guys have got so much soft squidgyness to them, because they fell over a lot yesterday. I am, of course, talking about the game’s servers being overwhelmed by the game’s surge in popularity on day one, and now Mediatonic have revealed just how popular their Takeshi’s Castle ’em up was in the first 24 hours.

That’s right, over 1.5 million players ran headlong into walls of doors, spinny hammer and swinging balls, and it’s this sheer demand that overwhelmed the company’s servers. That was obviously helped by the game being dropped in the laps of PlayStation Plus subscribers as one of August’s free games, but it was always going to be a streaming darling, and shot to the top of Twitch as well.

The servers got so bad that the social media team got all in a flutter and set up an owl-based Twitter account for the game’s servers!

We were playing the game last weekend in the last technical beta test before release and had an absolute ball. Read our Fall Guys preview here, where Jim said:

Tied up in such a cheeky, vibrant package, Fall Guys has the makings of a true multiplayer marvel and one that touts slapstick silliness over a constant barrage of blood and bullets. We’ll be throwing ourselves into this mad little game on launch day and we’ll surely be grinning from ear to ear as we do.

Last night saw the game’s trophy list revealed, with no small amount of puns and trolling of those trying to earn the sacred platinum. Those aiming to unlock the Fall Guys platinum trophy will undoubtedly struggle when it comes to completing the conditions for “Infallible” – a gold trophy which requires you to come first five times in a row. A trophy the dev team can’t see anyone unlocking unless you truly are a Fall Guys deity.

Devolver Digital and Mediatonic have revealed their content roadmap for the game (when it comes back online).

So, it looks like we’re due to see new rounds added to Fall Guys, as well as unlockable costumes (well a cactus costume, at least) and “new features” the developers aren’t ready to announce just yet.

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  1. I’m enjoying it, but the server issues are really annoying. Its a game that I think will fade quickly if the problems persist which is a shame

  2. My friend who worked on the game said he’s overwhelmed by the positive interest the game has received since launch. I played it last night. Great fun!

  3. Clearly it’s still having a lot of issues. Had another go last night, and 60 players suddenly became 40 before the first round even started.

    It’s reasonably fun though. Except when the controls are unresponsive. It’s also going to be impossible to get those trophies when so much of it’s based on luck.

    Also, the music is an abomination. Possibly the most annoyingly shit thing I’ve ever heard. The sort of stuff you’d expect to find in something bundled with a Nintendo console.

    And some people don’t seem to want to win games. I’ve seen plenty standing at the finish line and aggressively hugging other players to stop them finishing. Which I guess should technically not be approved of, but it’s quite funny.

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