Godfall combat trailer gives an extended look at the game running on PS5

Capping off the State of Play stream was another look at the upcoming PlayStation 5 console exclusive Godfall. Sharing nine minutes of footage, they covered a lot of ground and showed off a boss fight from this brand new fantasy IP.



Set in an high fantasy world, there are five realms of Apeiron to venture through in Godfall and, which have been split between Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit. Coincidentally, there’s also five weapon classes, with the trailer showing off the full movesets of Longswords and Dual Blades – the Polearm, Two-Handed Warhammer and Two-Handed Greatsword will be revealed later. Regardless of the weapon, you have a quick shield that you can use to block, parry and even to throw and stun enemies.

Through the game, there’s definitely been some influence and crossover from looter shooters and action RPGs, with a main goal being to find loot and continually upgrade your character build. However, that will not be the only factor in how well you do in battle. There’s also plenty of Dark Souls to see in the combat, with tense battles that require positioning and timing to succeed, though it emphasises offence over defence. If you dominate the combat space, you’ll be much more likely to succeed.

There’s plenty more to reveal of the game, with future gameplay videos sure to reveal the other three weapons, as well as diving into more details of the world and how you’ll loot your way through to success.

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