New Vader Immortal trailer confirms August PSVR release date

A new trailer for PSVR game Vader Immortal has dropped in today’s State of Play, showcasing more than a little lightsaber combat and plenty of force powers. The game will be out for PlayStation VR on 25th August.


The gane series consists of three episodes and a dojo to train your lightsaber skills in. While it’s got his name on the cover, you do not play as Darth Vader himself but instead are cast in the role of a smuggler operating near Mustafar. It seems Darth Vader has heard of your exploits and decides to have a talk with you about carrying out a job for him. Of course, nothing is that simple and (as luck would have it) you have an affinity with the Force giving you powers and the chance to wield a lightsaber.

As with all recent Star Wars content Vader Immortal does belong in the official canon of the franchise. Vader Immortal has already been released on Oculus Quest, and has recently been awarded the Best AV/VR Game at the 2020 GDC Awards, so it seems like this could be a decent experience for PSVR owners.

The Vader Immortal reveal for PSVR is not the only Star Wars related news to hit over the last week. There are rumours that there will be no follow up to Star Wars Battlefront II, and that came via the site Bespin Bulletin which posts all kinds of news related to the franchise. In a post it said:

Right now there is no plans for a Battlefront III. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here we are. Enjoy The Battle of Scarif update, share some kind messages to the team at DICE who worked ever so hard on Battlefront II, and maybe the force be with you.

However, if you do fancy something to itch that Star Wars multiplayer want but don’t want to play the recent Battlefront games you can hop onto Steam and get the original Battlefront from 2004. That was recently updated to include online multiplayer on Steam.

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