7 Fall Guys tips & tricks to help you win more Crowns

It feels a bit weird writing up a tips guide for Fall Guys. Unlike a lot of games we cover here at TheSixthAxis, there isn’t a great deal to learn beyond the base workings of this cuddly battle royale contender. Fall Guys doesn’t have much of a skill curved, but it’s still there and through patience (and a hefty heap of luck) you can improve your in-game performance.

If you’re already fairly decent when it comes to 3D platformers then you’re likely to always clear those first couple of rounds either in the top 50% or 20% and earning yourself a little extra Fame.


In the meantime, here are some tips and tricks to get you off the ground with some advice on how to improve your Fall Guys performance to grab yourself more wins!

Fall Guys 101

Fall Guys only makes use of the two sticks (to move your bean-like buddy and rotate the camera) and three buttons. One to jump, one to dive, and the other to grab. These are three basic functions used in every Fall Guys round though, in truth, you can get away with just using the left stick and a series of well-placed jumps for most rounds

Before you focus on anything else, you need to understand how a Fall Guy moves. This means memorising the height and distance of their jump as well as the game’s physics. Colliding with or even just brushing any surface or object can slow, stop, or even knock your bean down depending on your speed and the collision angle.

Win, or Dive trying!

Learning how to dive in Fall Guys is another big one. You can mostly get away with a simple jump though this can be extended ever so slightly with a well timed press of the dive button – Square on PS4. By leaping forward you can clear wider gaps while also clumsily vaulting over objects of a certain height. However it will leave you prone and getting hit when diving can often send you flying with a longer recovery time to get back up.

Show those name tags

In competitive rounds such as Jinxed and Tail Tag you will need to try and either avoid or chase down your opponents. One simple trick can help you here: switching on the name tags. This will force the usernames of each player to appear above their heads, exposing everyone’s location. There are a number of blind spot where players can hide during these rounds, completely unseen unless their hunters rotate the camera or, indeed, spot their name tag.

What’s luck got to do with it?

This should probably have been our first bit of advice, but oh well! There will be times when playing Fall Guys where your 3D platforming skills mean next to nothing. You’ll occasionally get blindsided by other players or perhaps struck down by obstacles that have glanced off them and directly into your path. Then there are the team games, of course. It doesn’t matter how well you’ve kept your tail, how many goals you’ve scored, or how many hoops you’ve dived through, you may occasionally get lumped with players who either aren’t as good as the other team, or they’re having a run of bad luck.

Prey on the weak

Speaking of team games in Fall Guys, you will often find opportunities to sabotage your opponents. It doesn’t matter how your team performs when it comes to completing the objectives, as long as you’re not last. So, in games where there are more than two teams, you may have better chance of winning by trolling those who have the lowest number of points.

Grab on!

At first you might think the grab is completely useless and it is to an extent outside of levels which require you to carry objects or push giant balls. However, the more you start to play Fall Guys, the more you should be trying to grab your opponents. A quick tap of the grab button can yank a player back ever so slightly, while holding it will cause you to latch on and bring you both to a standstill until they’ve broken free. Most players won’t expect a grab, so it can be particularly useful when attempting to eliminate opponents in Tip Toe and Slime Climb.


As you earn Fame and rank up during each season you’ll unlock new appearance options for your Fall Guys including faceplates, patterns, and costumes. These confer no in-game bonuses whatsoever but it’s still a worthwhile part of the game to interact with. The reward of unlocking cosmetics adds to the game’s replay incentive. If you’re all about pimping out your character then make sure you swing by the store every day to see which new items have cycled in and out. Keep a reserve of Kudos and Crowns in case a hot new look drops on the marketplace.

Bonus: Bee the best at Hex-A-Gone

Hex-A-Gone is one of the three final rounds in Fall Guys. It’s pretty straightforward, tasking you with staying above the slime as you hop between honeycomb of tiny vanishing platforms. There’s a rhythm to this mode you’ll need to learn if you want to maximise your winning potential.

Don’t run over platforms, but hop between them one by one and you will quickly find that there is a specific rhythm you can jump to. Using your camera you’ll want to survey the current layer you’re on (as well as the next one below) and draw a path in your mind, trying to stay away from other players that might cut off your path by running around where you want to go. Also keep in mind that platforms further away can be reached using a dive, though your timing needs to be sharp.

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  1. Great tips and tricks. I too have a few up in my sleeve.
    In football when both balls are placed just be a defender too many will attack and when one of them scores (do not matter if they scored against us) just get to the centre and time the jump forward the ball in mid-air and boom an easy goal that no Mr Bobbly defenders can do about it xD score like that so many times (wish it would be fair to have 5v5 and not 6v5 which I happen to see alot)
    As for the infallible trophy (5 wins in a row) get a good team and try to reach round 5 and from there you can pretty much win it easily just have to ensure the whole team can qaulify!
    The Prey on the weak is spot on Jim especially in Egg Hunt to steal the opposition eggs (the ones that are on a plus or 2 difference)
    I have won 4 matches in a row and LOST on the last round in the 5th match which happened to be Hex-A-Gone!
    Will try that Tip Jim as I usually drop down and run in circles to create a bigger circle hoping the survivors from above will fall right through lol. But will try the hopping when I get to that Episode.

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