Dragon Ball FighterZ next character is Master Roshi

Bandai Namco has confirmed the next DLC fighter character for Dragonball FighterZ is Master Roshi, and he will be available this September as part of FighterZ Pass 3. Master Roshi is the third character of FighterZ Pass 3 joining Kefla and Goku Ultra Instinct. There are two more characters yet to be revealed for this pass. You can watch Master Roshi’s reveal trailer below where he teases some of his fighting style.

In our review for Dragon Ball FighterZ Dave wrote:

2018 is off to a strong start with Dragon Ball FighterZ an early contender for this year’s best fighting game.  By shattering some boundaries, Dragon Ball FighterZ has combat that’s more than worth getting into, but also a diverse roster and some phenomenal presentation. The Story Mode could have been improved if it were more streamlined, but it’s a mere blemish on an otherwise spectacular game.

You can read the full Dragon Ball FighterZ review here.

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