Mediatonic asks brands to donate to charity to be in Fall Guys, hilarity ensues

You may have seen one of the many fan designed Fall Guys bean costumes scattered across the internet, and big brands have also latched on the phenomena with the likes of Konami, KFC, and Walmart all tweeting their own Fall Guys costumes.

Mediatonic have said they would “think very carefully” before putting anything like that in the game and have now announced that the brand that donates the most amount of cash to gaming charity Special Effect will get their costume in game.

Bids have been flying in from indie games and studios as well as brands you might not associate with gaming. The Tushy Bidet company bid $40,001 to have their design in the game.

Technically the highest bidder at the moment is Natuka Games, a company you may not have heard of as they make, ahem, saucy games. Their bid of $110,000 has been rejected due to NSFW content.

The highest official bid is from YouTuber Mr. Beast who has offered $100,000, but KFC, Walmart and the other big brands have yet to respond.

As Fall Guys went through extended downtime and server maintenance at the end of last week, Mediatonic said that they would be rewarding all the game’s players for their patience waiting for the game to come back online.

Now they’ve revealed the compensation that they’ve come up with: a Legendary Prickles costume and 5,000 Kudos to spend in the in-game cosmetics store. Not so cuddly now, are we?

Fall Guys has been an absolute sensation for the team at developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital, with the companies revealing that they’ve sold over 2 million copies on Steam in the game’s first week. That’s before you take into account however many people have been playing via PlayStation 4, where it’s free on PlayStation Plus in August. However, that has also led to some major server issues around launch, with an entire day being effectively wiped out on Friday, as they shored up the servers and added capacity ahead of the weekend. Thankfully things have been fairly steady since then.

We posted our Fall Guys review last week, saying:

Full of cute and cuddly jelly beans bumbling into each other in a race for the crown, Fall Guys is just about the most wholesome battle royale imaginable, and a whole lot of fun.

Fall Guys is out now for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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