Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury comes to Nintendo Switch in February 2021

Super Mario 3D World is finally coming to Nintendo Switch, with the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury remaster jumping from Wii U to Nintendo’s hybrid console on 12th February 2021.


The game will feature both online and local multiplayer on Nintendo Switch, with the Bowser’s Fury content added to what was found in the fantastic Wii U original. New Cat Mario and Cat Peach amiibo will be released as a double pack alongside the game.

At the time of its release, Blair said in our Super Mario 3D World review:

“Super Mario 3D World is the game that the Wii U needs. It’s a perfect co-operative experience, which is even at times like Mario 64 in its design. For families, the difficulty curve is perfect, and the amount of new features on show is just enough to keep everyone happy without the game ever becoming repetitive. This leads you from start to finish on an adventure which constantly ramps up the excitement until the very end.”

The announcement comes alongside the Super Mario 3D All-Stars remaster bundle, which remakes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy into a single package for Nintendo Switch to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

It’s just one part of a wide-ranging set of game releases and in-game events that the company have in store. There’s also Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, a game that blends playing on Nintendo Switch with racing a physical kart in real life.

Then there’s Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., a collectable Game & Watch system inspired by the original Game & Watch featuring Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2) and a special version of Ballwith a Mario makeover. That’s coming in November.

Speaking of classics, Super Mario All-Stars will jumping into Nintendo Switch Online today, and there will be a Super Mario-themed Splatfest coming to Splatoon 2 in January. March 2021 will then see Animal Crossing: New Horizons play host to Super Mario-themed furniture.

Non-video games collaborations are also ramping up, with Monopoly Super Mario Celebration, Kinder Surprise Super Mario products, and the various LEGO Super Mario sets all out now.

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