Scavengers gameplay revealed ahead of PC technical test weekend

A gameplay trailer has dropped for the intriguing looking PvPvE shooter Scavengers, with the further announcement that a technical playtest weekend will be held later this month from 18th-20th September.


Scavengers combines elements of PvE sandbox games and class-based PvP games, dropping squads of three into a frozen wasteland and tasking them with collecting data about mysterious asteroids while surviving the wilderness and other players.

Players can choose from a range of Explorers, each with different abilities and weaponry, using team tactics today overcome human and AI adversaries. A big part of the game will be tracking people through the snow, surviving and manipulating the wildlife, and just trying to stay warm. That’ll be easier said than done, when the game takes place in a huge 9km2 map, the world and the AI powered by SpatialOS technology from Midwinter’s parent company Improbable.

Planned for release in 2021 on PC and current-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One, Midwinter Entertainment are building up to a Closed Alpha and Closed Beta test later this year with the playtest weekend later this month. To be part of the test, running from 18th-20th September, you can sign up at

Source: press release

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