Scavengers closed beta is live now with 50,000 slots available for new players

Announced at The Game Awards, the “strategic survival battleground” of Scavengers has opened up into closed beta… right now! 50,000 slots have been opened up for this stage, with the game aiming for Early Access in 2021 and an eventual release on consoles.

Head here to sign up on PC and try it out.


Developed by Midwinter using a mixture of Unreal Engine and parent company Improbable’s SpatialOS networking technology, the game blends PvE and PvP gameplay in a large scale sandbox environment.

Players are confronted with a hostile frozen environment on a post-apocalyptic Earth, tasked with collecting data for Mother, the custodian AI that is safeguarding humanity’s future… by sending clones down to the planet on semi-suicidal missions.

Your team is not the only one, so in addition to cannibal survivors on the planet, mutated monstrosities and hungry, hungry wolves and bears, you’ll be competing as just one of 20 teams of 3 to collect the most data and then extract to the dropship as the storms close in.

You’ll have to scavenge for weapons and resources, level up your gear through a match, and outsmart your rivals in order to succeed.

We’ve been hands on with the game in the run up to today’s closed beta launch. Catch our full Scavengers preview here.

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