4 Minutes To The Apocalypse announced, will launch in 2021

You may be mistaken for thinking we’ll only have four minutes to the an actual apocalypse given this year, but fear not we’re not there. At least not yet. Instead the title of this story is about Atomic Wolf Games’ new game 4 Minutes To The Apocalypse, an action RPG that is set to be released in 2021 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It is a game set in the wake of a nuclear apocalypse but instead of roaming a wasteland you are stuck on a submarine.


The story of 4 Minutes To The Apocalypse is set on the submarine called Arizona 12. This is not a regular submarine but one of “The Last Day Weapons”, one of the main deterrents to stop nuclear exchanges. It was never activated and no one on the submarine knows what is going on above the water. The Arizona 12 does have the power to end the lives of any remaining survivors on Earth, and that is where the player comes in. Your crewmates are not handling the apocalypse well, and some of them may be considering using the Arizona 12 to end absolutely everything.

The main features of 4 Minutes To The Apocalypse include:

  • Explore the sinister space of the Arizona-12.
  • Discover the secret behind events that happened on the submarine during the nuclear blast.
  • Fight with enemies using weapons you’re able to find, or even the everyday object surrounding you.
  • When all else fails, and you have no chance against your opponent in a direct encounter, look for hiding places so as not to get killed.
  • Try to take control of the submarine and stop the inevitable.

4 Minutes To The Apocalypse has not been announced for the PS5 or the Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Press Release

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