IKEA will sell gaming furniture in 2021, created in partnerships with ASUS ROG

With the size of the video games industry these days, it’s no surprise than anyone and everyone is looking to get a slice of that pie, however they can. IKEA are taking a big step up from merely having faux video game boxes in their showrooms to actually catering directly to gamers with new gaming furniture designed in collaboration with ASUS’s Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand.

There’s no word on what kinds of furniture and accessories they’re working on, but one emphasis will be on affordability. They’ve also consulted with pro gamers and enthusiasts in Shanghai to discover what kinds of needs gamers have.

We’re pretty sure they’ll come out with some gaming oriented desks and chairs, but depending on how far they take their study, we could see them head down the dark, dark path of incorporating features based for the one in seven British gamers who pee in bottles instead of going a few steps to the loo. We also expect lots of RGB lighting.

The range of 30 products will first be rolled out in China in February 2021, before coming to IKEA’s other stores in 2021.

Source: IKEA

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