Dauntless update adds new Behemoth, modes and Hunt Pass

2020 has been a great year for Dauntless fans so far. Developer Phoenix Labs have continued to roll out a flurry of major updates, adding and new content, features, and reworks.


Tomorrow marks the beginning of yet another new chapter for the multiplayer action RPG as Dauntless invites players to explore the Untamed Wilds.

In short, Slayers can expect a new Behemoth as well as new story quests, game modes, tonics, and other extras. September 17th will also see the Strange Horizons Hunt Pass go live with another 50 tiers of rewards for players to unlock.

Headlining this new update is the introduction of Terra Escalations. For those who haven’t visited Ramsgate or the Shattered Isle for some time, Escalations are gauntlet-like missions where you take on a series of Behemoth, unlocking power-ups between battles. As the name suggests, a Terra Escalation will have you have you fighting Terra element Behemoths. Score a high enough ranking and you’ll go up against the new boss creature, Agarus.

In order to unlock Terra Escalations as a playable game mode you’ll need to complete a series of story-driven quests in Dauntless. Phoenix Labs have been pushing to weave more lore into the world and missions of Dauntless – here’s a quick introduction to the Untamed Wilds:

A group of Farslayers have been driven from their home, a forested island now consumed by blight and overrun with powerful terra Behemoths. Granny Strega, Ramsgate’s enigmatic alchemist, has a plan to help combat this aetheric outbreak, but she’ll need your help if she’s going to succeed.

Veteran Slayers will be honing their skills ready to take on Agarus, repeating this encounter once the update goes live to unlock Agarus weapons and armour. There will be other new challenges too with Sporestruck variants of both the Embermane and Charrogg making their debut, complete with earth-based attacks, emitting noxious clouds of poison.

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For those wanting to know more about the new Hunt Pass, we’ll be posting a full list of tiers and rewards soon.

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