PS5 pre-orders US – Does anywhere still have stock?

Hot on the heels of the PlayStation 5’s launch date and pricing announcement – 12th November and $499 / $399 in the US – pre-orders have already quickly started going live and just as quickly going out of stock. Don’t worry though, while stocks will be limited, there should be plenty of possibilities coming for you to pre-order in the US.

Here’s the update on what we know and where you can keep an eye on. We’ll be updating this page with more information as we find out more:


Update 12:30PM BST 18/09 – It seems like all the best hopes for the first batch of pre-orders have been and gone, so we’re going to stop actively updating this post. At this time, the best shot is to register your interest or set up email notifications, as it’s likely that Sony will try to allocate further stock over the coming weeks and months. 

PS5 Pre-Orders

  • Best Buy – Best Buy has a Coming Soon sign here for consoles, while you can still pre-order all the launch games and peripherals for the moment.
  • – There’s no sign of any pre-orders still available from Amazon at the moment, though you can set up an email alert if more become available. You still able to grab all the peripherals though, so if you fancy a Dualsense or the 3D Pulse headset it might be worth doing that now.
  • Sony – The consoles are currently unavailable, seemingly allocated to some of those who registered their interest back in August, but PS Plus members can order anything else and it’s guaranteed for launch day
  • Walmart – Had units available on Thursday evening. All gone again now. You can set up an in-stock alert now.
  • Sam’s Club – There were briefly pre-orders here, but they’ve swiftly disappeared.
  • Target – Target had units Thursday night, but they’ve all gone again for the time being

It’s been a hectic 24 hours for PlayStation fans, with the build up to the PlayStation 5 showcase, the announcement of the console’s price and launch date, a bunch of new game announcements including Final Fantasy XVI,

We also discovered that Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West and Sackboy A Big Adventure are all to be cross-gen releases that come to PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5. Meanwhile the PlayStation Plus Collection gives a free library of PS4 games for PS Plus subscribers on PS5.

Oh, and next-gen games from Sony are going to get more expensive… Bear that in mind when deciding which version of the PS5 you’re going to get!

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