Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming to PS4 as well – Ultimate Edition bundles in a Spider-Man remaster on PS5

Spider-Man: Miles Morales isn’t just coming to PlayStation 5 when it launches later this year, but also to PlayStation 4 – it’s a full-blown cross-gen release! Additionally, Insomniac have also confirmed an Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 5 that bundles in a remaster of the original PlayStation 4 game.

The announcement came alongside a new seven minute gameplay reveal during the PlayStation 5 showcase, which you can check out here:


The Ultimate Edition will be available for $69.99, compared to the standard edition’s $49.99, with the remaster of the original game taking advantage of the PlayStation 5 with better looking character models, ray-traced reflections, shadows, more pedestrians, and the optional to trade those effects in with a performance mode that lets the game target 60fps instead of 30fps. Add DualSense support and 3D audio into the mix, and you’ve got a thoroughly enhanced product.

However, the standard edition will be available for both PS5 and PS4. In a statement that almost sounds like it’s coming from Microsoft, Insomniac say, “We know that some of you may transition to PS5 at different times, which it was why it was important to us to release the latest title in the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe on both consoles.”

Additionally, there will be “a next-gen upgrade path” and the game still looks great on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Honestly, it’s a mildly announcement turn of events when Sony have spent the last half year shouting from the rooftops that they’re fully embracing the next generation with their first party exclusives, standing in contrast to Microsoft, who have been pushing a broader cross-generational approach.

In our review of the original game, Gareth wrote:

Marvel’s Spider-Man does a spectacular job of making you feel like the ultimate Spider-Man. From swinging through the city at high speed to fighting off legions of enemies by zipping between them and pulling them into the air, its gameplay looks like a scene from the films. It’s remarkably well realised in terms of its world, design, and even technically, with short loading times and a rock solid framerate even on the base PlayStation 4. If Spider-Man is your thing then this is an essential purchase.

You can read the full review here.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. They’re also doing it with Horizon Forbidden West and that Sackboy game everyone had probably forgotten about already.

    • So disappointing. Sounds like they don’t believe in their own plan anymore. This and Demon’s Soul with “PC and other consoles” bollocks is really killing it for me.

      Is the Sackboy and Horizon situation confirmed?

      • It’s on the official blog so you’d think it’s official…

      • @hornet

        It came out as I was writing my comment.

  2. Looks absolutely incredible! Wow.

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