Monster Hunter Rise won’t add a new weapon type to the series

This week a string of interviews with Capcom and Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto have gone live, detailing a number of features and design influences that have made their way into the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise.


Announced in September alongside Monster Hunter Stories 2 during a Nintendo Direct Mini, Rise will be launching exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in March 2021 with Capcom having made some deliberate choices in setting it apart from the hugely successful Monster Hunter: World.

Before we round out some of the key information siphoned from these numerous interviews, it has been confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise will not be adding a new weapon type to the game. That said, it will include all fourteen weapon classes found in Monster Hunter: World, including the recently introduced Charge Blade. Here’s what Tsujimito had to say about this in his interview with Eurogamer:

Adding an extra weapon type would really have to add something new, it would have to add something to the roster that isn’t currently present in any of the quite large number of weapons already there. And we also have so many ways that we can increase the depth and breadth of the gameplay that aren’t fixated on that idea of an extra weapon, for example, the wirebug mechanic—that adds something to each and every existing weapon, they all have ways you can combine the wirebug with. And that way of taking something which adds on to all 14 weapons adds a depth and breadth, that wouldn’t be the same as just saying try different weapons. You know, we just don’t think in those kind of terms. We always think, how do we add to the breadth and depth of the experience, and in this case we’ve chosen to add something to the hunter’s toolset in general.

Development on Rise began shortly after Capcom wrapped Monster Hunter Generations. Much like this 3DS instalment, Monster Hunter Rise is aimed at being a handheld title and will reportedly be designed for short yet action-filled bursts of gameplay.

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As for post-launch support, Capcom have already confirmed that it will continue to grow via title updates much like Monster Hunter: World. However, when asked by 4Gamer whether Rise will have a G Edition or an expansion, Tsujimoto said that the team have not yet considered this (via Siliconera).

There are some other tidbits too, which Gematsu have compiled in a handy list for fans. We found out that your Palamute companion in Monster Hunter Rise will attack in tandem with the hunter, becoming more aggressive as you dole out damage. As for the upcoming range of amiibo figures, they will unlock daily lottery prizes as well as layered armour sets. Finally, the Japanese theme or Rise is said to help separate it from Generations and World in visual design.

Source: Gematsu

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