PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars gameplay details leak – report

Despite being less than a month away from launch we still know very little about Destruction AllStars, the PlayStation 5 exclusive being developed by Liverpool-based Lucid Games.

Although Sony’s official website has been updated with more information, we’re still waiting to see some actual gameplay footage or some early hands-on impressions.

According to David Jaffe – whose credits include Twisted Metal and God of War – the game designer was contacted by someone who went hands-on with an early build of Destruction AllStars willing to share their impressions. You can watch the full conversation below via his YouTube channel.


When it comes to unverifiable leaks – especially surrounding the PlayStation 5 and its clutch of launch titles – take them with a healthy pinch of salt.

When Jaffe asks the caller what their connection is to Destruction AllStars, they respond that they attended a playtest in November 2019, sampling two modes from an early build before coming away with mixed feelings. If Jaffe’s guest did take part in a test, they would have signed a legal agreement with Sony which they are now breaking. Their reason for doing so is protection via online anonymity and their concerns the game will flop.

Jaffe starts by asking what many of us are thinking – “what is this f***ing game?” to which the tester describes two modes from the upcoming arcade racer. The first of these was a Destruction Derby style match in which teams try to wreck each other as they circle a bowl-like arena. What’s interesting is how racers can be forced from their vehicles, leaving them exposed to being mown down for bigger point scores. However, there appears to be some depth to this out-of-vehicle gameplay with characters able to wall-run and mount the environment.

Another mode was described, which includes capturing objectives then hauling them back to your score zone. The map for this mode is said to be much larger with multiple lanes for attacking/defending opportunities.

In terms of customisation we already know that Destruction AllStars features 28 vehicles and 16 characters. According to the tester, each racer/car combo comes with abilities and ultimate powers that can be used to add some strategic depth to gameplay.

The conversation then turns to the tester’s overall impressions of Destruction AllStars, it’s asking price, and how it might fare when the PlayStation 5 finally touches down next month.

While some are worried about the lack of communication surrounding this launch title, it’s worth pointing out that it was only today that Sony decided to show us the PS5’s UI and menus (which, funnily enough, included a glimpse of Allstars gameplay). We’re guessing that the company will start to spotlight its first wave of PS5 games individually in the days leading up to November 12th.

One nugget of info we were able to find was that Destruction AllStars will launch with microtransactions. An ESRB listing confirms there will be in-game purchases, likely tied to cosmetics and currency boosters though we’ve yet to receive confirmation.

Source: YouTube

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