Garmin are planning to make you a better gamer with the Instinct Esports Edition smartwatch

Smartwatches are good for a number of things beyond just telling you the time. They can also tell you that you’re becoming deeply unhealthy, and that you haven’t moved for five hours from the same spot. This is in fact what mine has been telling me for days, but I promise I haven’t been very well. Anyway, it’s an interesting problem for Garmin and their newest smartwatch, the Instinct Esports Edition, when they’re now going to be dealing with sitting still as standard. They believe they have the know-how to make you a better gamer though, which is all exceedingly interesting, and the tech behind it is pretty damn exciting!


The Instinct allows esports fans to track and livestream their biometrics for their followers to marvel at how they’re either staying incredibly calm, or wondering how their favourite Twitch star is actually still alive despite nearly having the heart rate of a terrified rabbit.

The Instinct Esport gives wearers access to Garmin’s health tracking features, which includes stress, heart rate and ‘Body Battery’ which will help players to be healthy and mentally prepared for their next game or competition. You can tell the PC software has been aimed at esports as it’s called STR3AMUP!, but despite the slightly try-hard name it sounds as though it’s going to integrate very nicely with your favourite streaming software with overlays bringing all of that information to the people that need it.

It’s a rugged-looking sports watch, and doesn’t go too heavily on the gamer-centric looks which is a nice surprise for something that is targeted at esports. It has a battery life of three days in esports mode, and an incredible maximum of 14 days as a smartwatch which is great for a wearable. Besides all of the esports functionality you will also receive smart notifications for all of your phone’s various messaging platforms.

The Garmin Instinct Esports Edition is available now.

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