Temtem will be a PS5 early access title and it will be available in December

Earlier this year, the monster battling game Temtem was confirmed for PS5 with the full release edition expected to launch on Sony’s new console in 2021. Well, things have changed slightly. While the full release is likely happen in 2021 Temtem will now be released as an early access title on December 8th on PS5, and it will be a console exclusive early access title. Pre-orders for the PS5 version of Temtem are live now and you catch that here.


The early access version of Temtem will feature four of the six islands from the game, and you will be able to experience the story as you traverse the islands. The story is not the only part available. With Temtem being an online title players will be able to battle their Tems against each other in ranked battles. Or you can create your own home in a neighbourhood with other players, and explore each house with no load times as you visit each.

Miguel previewed Temtem for us in January, discussing its potential for greatness:

Temtem has some promising ideas at its core, with a uniquely challenging combat system and a beautiful world to explore. Unfortunately, so many other elements of the game fall flat for this initial release. A harsh economy, a lack of multiplayer content, underwhelming character and monster designs and more plague the title, while minor issues like server caps and constant maintenance add another layer of frustration to the experience. With a projected final release date of Q3 2021, there’s plenty of time for Crema to evolve and grow their game, and I only hope Temtem manages to become the ambitious, multiplayer monster-catching adventure it so desperately wants to be.

Source: PS Blog

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