The Gal*Gun Returns Collectors Edition includes “safety goggles that look suspiciously like a brassiere”

I know the Gal*Gun series is just pure smut but you have to admire just how they embrace the ridiculous premise of the games. The latest title, Gal*Gun Returns is a remake of the original Gal*Gun with a bunch of new features including game modes, new in-game artwork, mini-games, full voice acting, and lots of DLC. According to the blurb you can look forward to finding “numerous undiscovered panties”.

The game launches next year on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Series X, and Steam and you can now pre-order the Birthday Suit Collectors Edition that contains the usual artbook and soundtrack, and they very unusual “safety goggles that look suspiciously like a brassiere”.


The Gal*Gun Returns Birthday Suit Collector’s Edition is exclusively available on the Funstock store.

Here are more details on what you get:

Safety Goggles: 92% polyester-8% elastane. 40 cm chest and 25 cm length. Perfect from protecting yourself or friends and family from unexpected lewdness in the vicinity.

Soundtrack: A set of 3 CDs, which includes all the music, voice and background tracks from Gal*Gun Returns.

Art book:  The Sexy Chronicles of Gal*Gun showcases art work from Gal*Gun Returns, as well as a flip side filled with lewd imagery from the entire franchise, including some unreleased sketches and designs, from 2011 to 2021!

Exclusive cover art: We know that our fans love exclusive things, so we asked Itou-san, the mastermind behind the design of the Gal*Gun franchise, to create a piece of art especially for Rice Digital! This is will be featured in an insert that you’ll be able to use to replace the standard one on the Switch, and that nobody else is getting! The teams at PQube and Inti Creates put their heads together to get this concept in line with the Birthday Suit Edition!

Set of coin and pins: In a tidy box, you will find the metal pins of the 6 heroines of the game in their chibi style, as well as a commemorative coin with the special anniversary logo designed just for the occasion! The coin is a golden metal, 50mm and printed on both sides. Each pin is 30mm, and everything is on a foam background to keep it safe in transit!

Art cards: 6 cards with the first meeting for each of the key heroines of the game! Enjoy them on a thick 300 gsm matte paper, at 160 x 110mm.

Collector’s Box: Your items will be safely packaged in this box, which features an image only printed on this box in the west! The dimensions are 211 x 161 x 57mm.

Each box will come with either the game as a physical Switch copy or a digital Steam or Xbox code.

Source: Press release

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